Optimus Prime Quotes Transformers 3 Ending

Optimus Prime Quotes Transformers 3 Ending. Above all, do not lament my absence, for in my spark, i know that this is not the end, but merely a new beginning. Convoy no nazo ending #1.

20 best Optimus Prime Words of Wisdom images on Pinterest Optimus
20 best Optimus Prime Words of Wisdom images on Pinterest Optimus from www.pinterest.com

[clutching his own chest] aah, i feel your pain. See more ideas about transformers, transformers prime, optimus prime. Without it, you wouldn't be here.

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I will lead the way into her chamber. Knew i would attempt to terminate you. My power of creation, the staff, was stolen from me by my twelve guardian knights.

“We Must Not Stoop To Their Level.

[opening lines] and it was written in the covenant of primus, that when the 47 spheres align, a perpetual conflict with culminate upon a world forged by chaos. This was all my fault.i told them whom to trust. For a time, we lived in harmony, but like all great power, some wanted it for good.

[Clutching His Own Chest] Aah, I Feel Your Pain.

Optimus prime proves himself a wise and experienced leader, with a healthy dose of pragmatism. And it was me making a mistake. Megatron will not defeat us this easily.”.

“At The End Of This Day, One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall!”.

List 12 wise famous quotes about transformers optimus prime end of movie: I need to know how you're going to fight back.i know there's a strategy, i know. Said before attacking optimus prime, who kills him by viciously tearing his face off and then crushing his spark.

What Your Leaders Say Is True:

It is your right to lead us again. “our planet was once a powerful empire, peaceful and just until we were betrayed by megatron, leader of the decepticons.”. I would lay down my life for you. #lay # [optimus #barely.

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